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Geely Nanoq electric car to go on sale in Europe soon
Origin: sinoaa Author: sinoaa Time: 2010-01-08
The Geely Nanoq electric car will go on sale in Europe this spring. The car was demonstrated at last month's COP15 global climate talks in Copenhagen, and following a positive reaction the company has now announced it will be sold in Europe. Touted as a five-seat family car, the Nanoq - 'nanoq' means polar bear in Greenland - will be manufactured as a joint venture between Geely and Danish company Lynx, which has developed the electrical components and a new lithium battery pack. Geely claims that the Nanoq will have a top speed of 81mph and a range of upto 125 miles, which is similar performance to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, although the Nanoq will theoretically squeeze 25 miles more out of one charge. The batteries themselves are the same used in the Lynx GT, a 1057bhp, all-electric supercar claimed to hit 60mph from standstill in under three seconds and manage a top speed of 186mph. Geely says the Nanoq may go on sale in the USA and Asia later this year or in 2011.
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