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ECU-BOSCH ECU-BOSCH   [Place of Origin:Korea South]
ECU BOSCH NO : 0 265 150 305

    2 Results  from Sunwoo Autoparts Co., Ltd.
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Transmitter for car audio system Transmitter for car audio system   [Place of Origin:China]
No refitment to car.Put one connector of the tranimitter into the car lighter plug and t

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Medium: steam , gas , water, oil medium temperature:<170 enciroronment temperature: -1

    3 Results  from Yuyao Jiayin Solenoid Valve Co., Ltd
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ZKS-L2 Fingerprint Door Lock ZKS-L2 Fingerprint Door Lock    [Place of Origin:China]
L2 is a standalone fingerprint door lock with good performance, designed specially in th

    20 Results  from ZKS Group
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High power warning lamp High power warning lamp   [Place of Origin:China]
Description: Model:High Power warning lamp-52031 Led Quantity:48 pc 1W/LED +2 pc Bulb

    from Cheng LI Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd
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Plastic film Plastic film   [Place of Origin:China]
Plastic film We have reasonable price, 15years experienced manufacturing, perfect equip

    7 Results  from Anhui Safe Capacitor Co.,LTD.
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Capacitor CBB65 Capacitor CBB65   [Place of Origin:China]
1. Operating Temperature:-25~+85 degree 2. Rated voltage: 200VAC-450VAC 3. Climate Typ

    3 Results  from Anhui Safe Electronics Co,Ltd
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   [Place of Origin:China]
130W Power Inverter Model VM130A-120110 VM130A-120220 Input DC voltage 12VDC 12VDC v

    2 Results  from VDSON (HZ) ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.
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   [Place of Origin:China]
Series ZYD Double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier can remove the water, gas and im

    from HJY Zhong Neng Oil Purifier, oil purification, oil filtration, oil treatment manufacture Co.,Ltd
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led bulb light QP004-6X1 led bulb light QP004-6X1   [Place of Origin:China]
Description: Model: QP004-6X1 LED quantity: 6pcs 1W high power LED Lamp socket: E27

    from Dongguan Nordy Electron Co., Ltd
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cable gasket cable gasket   [Place of Origin:China]
? Materials of wire and cable ?Technology process: cutting, crimping, welding, assembly

    from Dongguan Yacenter Electric Co.,Ltd
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15PCS 3528SMD G4 Light 15PCS 3528SMD G4 Light    [Place of Origin:China]
Product Description Product Name: 15PCS 3528SMD G4 Light Description Base: GX4.0

    from Shenzhen Aidawson Electrical Co.,Ltd.
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G4 led bulb G4 led bulb   [Place of Origin:China]
Description: Model:G4 LED light G4-9*5050SMD Led Quantity: 9 pcs 5050SMD s

    2 Results  from Dongguan Nordy Car Light Co.,Ltd
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Product synopsis Simple-to-use digital meter indicates diesel fuel pressure. Connect to

    30 Results  from Guangzhou Landtek Instruments Co. Ltd
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Led Cup Lamp Led Cup Lamp   [Place of Origin:China]
Led Cup Lamp-GU10-39Led Led Quantity:39pc 5mm led Lamp Socket:GU10 Product size:60x5

    from Cheng Li Optoelectronic Co.,limited
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Solar thermal Power Generation Solar thermal Power Generation   [Place of Origin:China]
The solar mid-high utilization temperature system is developed by Huayuan new energy pro

    from Huayuan New Energy Project Co.,Ltd
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 Auto Solidification and Pour Point Tester Auto Solidification and Pour Point Tester   [Place of Origin:China]
Model: SYP1016-1D Standard: GB/T 510, GB/T 3535, ASTM D852, ASTM D97 Purpose: It is

    3 Results  from Chongqing Hangyu Oil Purifier Mfc Co Ltd
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High Vacuum Oil Purifier High Vacuum Oil Purifier   [Place of Origin:China]
Application The machine can remove the free water, soluble water, gas, acid, free car

    from Chongqing ZN Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd
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Y type flat bottom dumping valve( Y type flat bottom dumping valve(   [Place of Origin:Afghanistan]
Dumping valve Technical specificatiion: 1)Dumping valve Design and production according

    9 Results  from zhejiang jitai valve co.,ltd
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